Thor: Love and Thunder’s Screenwriter Sues Lena Headey for $1.5 Million

Thor: Love and Thunder’s Screenwriter Sues Lena Headey for $1.5 Million

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Game of Thrones star Lena Headey is being filed for $1. 5 million from the former U. K. agency Troika due to unpaid commissions in connection with a variety of projects, including the movie Thor. Love as well as Thunder.

Troika that was rebranded in 2020 as YMU for 2020 says Headey is owed by the agency at minimum $500,000. That’s equivalent to 7 percent of her compensation for her profits from the Marvel film.

Variety confirms that Headey is not in the final version of Thor. Love and Thunder, which is starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. The film is scheduled for release in the next week.

Reps from Headey and Marvel did not respond to Variety’s requests for information before the publication deadline.

In court papers, Headey joined Troika in 2005 after she had followed her personal representative, Michael Duff, there from his previous agency Lou Coulson Associates.

Duff co-founded Troika which, in 2017 was merged into The James Grant Group. In the year 2018, the agency was bought from a private equity company and rebranded as YMU. Duff was dismissed from Troika/YMU around 2020. Headey was dismissed from the agency in the month of May that year.

But, Troika/YMU says that as per their contract Headey still is owed commissions on several projects like Thor. Love and Thunder as well as at least $300,000 for the feature film 9 Bullets, in which Lena Headey played alongside Sam Worthington in a lead part, and $650 000 for the Showtime drama series Rita that is an adaptation of an original Danish series with the similar name.

Headey was scheduled to play the title Rita character however, the show was unable to receive a series-wide order after the pilot episode.

Troika is seeking an account of commission fees due and an order for Lena Headey to reimburse the fee as well as compensation for breaches of contract as well as reimbursement for legal costs.

To defend herself, Headey says she’s never signed any contract either with Troika or Duff and both parties were acting under an oral agreement that was signed when Duff was working employed by Lou Carl Associates in the late 1990s. The filings also note that Troika was not Headey’s sole agent, since she is as well being represented through CAA within America. U. S.

In particular, Headey disputes that Troika has any right to get a contract for Thor. Love and Thunder which she claims was the result of the director Taika Waititi approached her in person or through 9 Bullets, neither of which were discussed with Troika as well as Duff. In the meantime, on Rita, Headey says she was only paid $325 000 to film the first and of that, Troika was already paid $22, 750 and that no additional episodes are being planned.

A rep from YMU did not get back to Variety until press time. Lawyers representing Headey and YMU also didn’t respond at press time.

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