BlackBerry Pearl 8130 – pink (Verizon Wireless) – Review: BlackBerry Pearl 8130

BlackBerry Pearl 8130 - pink (Verizon Wireless) - Review: BlackBerry Pearl 8130

All of us should say it now.It’s all about flippin’ time. This CDMA model of RIM BlackBerry Pearl is finally available, and even though it’s been a long-running wait (the first, GSM version debuted more than one year earlier) We have to admit that it was worth the wait.

  • The good: The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 has the same sleek design and style of its predecessor, but it has integrated GPS, EV-DO support, as well as video-recording capabilities. The device’s Web browser has been upgraded as is its 2-megapixel camera. The phone’s messaging capabilities remain robust.
  • The Bad: The SureType keyboard isn’t completely acclimatized, so the quality of calls could be a bit better.
  • The bottom line: The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 enhances an already outstanding smartphone by adding an added feature of GPS as well as video recording and 3G.

The RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 keeps the slim and feminine design as its predecessor but can pack in more features. It comes with built-in GPS and video recording capabilities, as well as an upgraded Web browser. Additionally, you’ll get EV DO support as well as an image resolution of 2 megapixels.

We have a few minor concerns regarding the SureType keyboard comes with a learning curve, and that the quality of calls may be intermittent at times. The new features together with well-known BlackBerry messaging capabilities are what make this RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 an appealing option for those who are professionals who want an elegant all-in-one device. The Silver model is currently available via Verizon Wireless for $199. 99 for a two-year contract and rebates.

Design The hardware in the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 hasn’t changed from the original Pearl However, it’s not necessarily a bad thing because we’re awestruck by the overall design of the Pearl. However, there are small tweaks, which will be noted when we look at the phone’s design.

Thankfully that the BlackBerry 8130 has a slim and sleek design being just 4. 2 inches long by 1. 9 inches wide and 0. 5 inches deep, and weighs 3. 4 ounces. It’s not a problem to slide this phone into your pocket in the pants and it’s at ease and easy to hold while making phone calls. The silver design may appear common to others however we believe it’s beautiful and sleek. At the moment, Verizon Wireless will not provide the amethyst shade but they may choose to include it in the future.

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In the center there is a 2. 25-inch non-touch screen that can display 65,536 colors with an x-resolution of 260×240 pixels. Images and text appear sharp and vivid The display also has an advanced light sensing technology which automatically adjusts the backlighting based on the setting (e. for example. it’ll get more bright in rooms with darker lighting).

You can pick different font styles and also customize your homescreen to fit your needs by choosing different themes, backgrounds images and menu styles. A small LED is also located on the upper right of the Pearl which illuminates different colors to indicate different notifications, including the latest messages or low batteries and so on.

On the bottom of the panel, users will see the same navigation panel as well as the SureType keyboard that was used in previous BlackBerry Pearls. The keyboard has End and Talk keys as well as shortcuts into the primary menu as well as a back button the trackball navigator that looks like a pearl which started the entire Pearl revolution. The controls are all easy to use and you can alter the trackball’s horizontal and vertical sensitiveness by choosing Options > Screen/Keyboard.

Then there’s The SureType keyboard. I’ve made it clear my personal opinion that I’m not the biggest big fan of the altered keyboard. If you’re unfamiliar with SureType it has two letters associated with one key. As you begin to type the letters of a word SureType software will display a list of possible word combinations. SureType software will provide you with a selection of word combinations or letters depending on the contextual.

Personally I found it to be a bit irritating however, I know many Pearl users who do not mind the design and don’t have any complaints. As with all new products it will take some time to get used to, and is an exchange for the less streamlined design. A final observation.the backlighting of the keyboard is a little uneven and gives the keyboard an unprofessional, plastic look. It’s certainly not an issue however it’s something we could not ignore.

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The main distinctions among those of the Pearl 8130 and the original GSM version can be found in the controls on either side,, which are all of which are welcome enhancements. On the left-hand side there’s now three. 5mm headphone jack. This means you can connect decent headphones. Additionally, the microSD expansion slot was moved from the battery to the front of the phone to allow for quick access.

It also has an mini USB port and a user-friendly quick launch button to the left side. There’s an additional convenience key as well as the volume knob on the right. On the top, it is equipped with the Mute button, as well as lenses for the camera, flash, as well as the mirror that self-portraits are situated in the rear.

Verizon Wireless packages the RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 with an AC adapter and an AC adapter, a USB cable as well as a wired headset. an easy-to-clean pouch and an BlackBerry Desktop software CD as well as reference material. To find more add-ons look up our accessories for mobile phones including ringtones, help, and a page.

Specifications This RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is not just noteworthy due to its being one of the first CDMA Pearl. It’s also the first phone by RIM to come with video recording capabilities, and it’s the first Pearl to come with built-in GPS as well as its EV DO capability and the upgraded Web browser. First things first.Let’s talk about the phone’s capabilities.

The voice features of BlackBerry Pearl 8130. These features on BlackBerry Pearl 8130 include a speakerphone voice dialing, voice commands, conference calls as well as text and multimedia messaging as well as call audio enhancement that allows you to increase the bass or the treble. Its address book can be restricted only by memory (64MB flash) the entries can contain more than eight numbers. including work or home address, email addresses for Web and mail as well as company details and notes. For purposes of caller identification it is possible to assign a picture to a contact, as well as group categories personal or business or choose from 45 polyphonic ringsongs. The Pearl also allows MP3 and MIDI ringsongs.

Contrary to 3G deficient GSM Pearls, the Pearl 8130 operates on Verizon’s EV DO network, which provides speeds of around 300 Kbps to 600 Kbps, but they could possibly reach 2. 4Mbps. This means that you will experience speedier Web browsing experience, and should be more enjoyable thanks to the new browser.

In comparison to Windows Mobile, Symbian, or Palm devices The BlackBerry Web browser has always been unwieldy and slow for browsing websites. It is a long process of scrolling using the trackball as well as the scroll wheel. But now, you have an onscreen cursor that can move around in any direction and position it anywhere on the page to click on a hyperlink. Additionally, there’s an Page View option that enables users to zoom in on a specific area of the page. It’s certainly a significant improvement and the rise of EVDO speed is just heaven on earth. The only issue is that it’s not compatible with Verizon’s V Cast services. Pearl 8130 does not support the V Cast services.

Other wireless options for the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 are Bluetooth 2. 0 and GPS. It is possible to use Bluetooth in order to link to stereo and mono Bluetooth headsets, hands-free kits, as well as dial-up networking. If you want to use this Pearl to function as a modem on your laptop, you’ll have to buy an Broadband Access Plan from Verizon starting at 15 dollars per month. The Pearl does not support the object exchange profile.

The built-in GPS lets you make use of it Pearl as a hand-held navigation device. The device is preloaded with BlackBerry maps app that provides text-based directions to drive and lookup local businesses. But, you can purchase more powerful apps, like Google Maps for Mobile or Verizon’s VZ Navigator that will provide real-time tracking, voice and text guided directions, locations that are worth visiting, travel statistics and much more. Be aware that this is an add-on service which costs you $9. 99 per month, or $2. 99 for access 24 hours a day.

The camera also receives an upgrade to 2 megapixels (from 1. 3 megapixels) and, more importantly it can record video, which is the first time for BlackBerry. BlackBerry. For still photos, there’s the option of a 5x zoom as well as flash. There are also three sizes for photos and three options for quality. There are also white balance settings as well as a variety of effects that you can apply to your photo.

The options for video are limited to only two formats for video (normal or multimedia messages) as well as three color effects as well as video lights. The quality of the images was decent for a phone camera. Sharply defined objects However, we’d like to see were a little brighter color. The video quality, however, was not great, and the video clips we watched appeared dim and jerky.

Apart from these capabilities In addition, the BlackBerry Pearl has the majority of the features that have brought BlackBerry to the forefront like e-mail. The smartphone is able to connect to the BlackBerry Enterprise server of your business with support for Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino or Novell GroupWise, to deliver corporate e-mail in real-time. It can also support up to 10 personal or business IMAP4 or POP3 e-mail accounts. Instant messaging is only available to the BlackBerry Messenger client. BlackBerry Messenger clients.

For professionals who work on mobile devices, an attachment viewer supports the most popular formats for files, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint Corel WordPerfect, PDF, JPEG, GIF, and more. You can also see embedded images and tracked changes as well as zoom and rotate documents, however you aren’t able to edit documents right in the default format however third-party software can provide this feature.

The built-in media player is essentially the same. It can play MP3 WMA, AAC the AAC+, eAAC+, AMR NBR and MIDI files for music, and MPEG4, WMV as well as H. 263 video clips. To play music, you can make playlists using folders, or shuffle and play songs in a specific folder. It also displays the song’s title as well as the artist’s name and artwork for the album, if they are there is one.

If you choose to use video, you have the choice of full-screen or replay as well as repeat. Other features available on the Pearl include an agenda as well as a task-list and a memo pad. an alarm clock as well as a password manager, calculator, a Brickbreaker game and the ability to record your voice.

Performance We tried Dual Band (CDMA 800/1900. EVO) RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 in San Francisco using Verizon Wireless service. Call quality was good. From our end there was a little background noise, but it was clear audio with lots of volume. That’s right, there wasn’t a problem that hindered us from having an exchange or communicating with our bank’s voice-automated system.

Our friends also reported that we were a good sound however, we did sound a little soft. The speakerphone was not impacted by activating it, and didn’t affect the quality of calls significantly. We also were able to pair Pearl 8130 Pearl 8130 with the Logitech Mobile Traveller Bluetooth headset and using the Motorola S9 Active Bluetooth Headphones.

Overall it was a good experience. Pearl 8130 was a responsive device that had no lags in performance. We tested the GPS features with VZ Navigator, and it took just 3 minutes for the Pearl to find a location on our location , which is quite amazing for a mobile phone.

Once it was locked in the screen, it did a great job of tracking our location and gave us precise directions to drive although we feel that driving, the functionality is small, considering its smaller size. Multimedia performance was good. There was a little the music was a little hollow that we were wishing for more bass.

We’re happy to have the 3. 5mm jack, as plugging into a good pair of headphones helped improve the audio. We experienced the typical pixelation when watching videos however at all, the audio and the images were synced.

The Blackberry Pearl 8130 has been scored 3. six hours talktime, and as long as 9 days standby. We’re still running our battery drain tests , but we will update this article when we get the final results. As per FCC radiation tests this Pearl 8130 has a digital SAR rating of 1. 48 Watts for each kilogram.

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